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The HuntVe 4x4 line of electric and hybrid electric off road UTVs offer the highest quality and proven performance year after year. Using only the best of the best in structure and components, the HuntVe is built to last. Other manufacturers have cut corners and cost by using a single motor and noisy shaft drive system to drive their vehicles. The HuntVe uses dual direct drive motors that consistently deliver smooth quite power while never over powering a single motor. Word to the wise – don’t consider an electric 4x4 UTV that has only one motor.

HuntVe and its 72 volt electric system has the best in class electronic amp controller power, sound suppression, battery amp hour capacity and standard features. While others misrepresent their origin, the HuntVe is proudly hand crafted in Fort Worth, Texas from the ground up.

Because HuntVe only focuses on the all electric and hybrid electric UTV segment, there is no distraction by manufacturing in the high volume gas and diesel power market. There is no quarterly earnings reports of a large public company to direct company objectives and there is no comparison to the product quality and safe reliability of a HuntVe. Experience the great outdoors with the clean and quiet power of a HuntVe.

Charge into the outdoors!



Electric vehicles have been unique for over 100 years. Thomas Edison predicted that the electric horseless carriage would replace the horse and buggy. Of course this was before Henry Ford came along and long before he could have imagined the interstate highway systems in the US propelled by President Eisenhower. Consider that in 1895 the first auto race in America was won by an electric vehicle, in 1895 the first US car dealer sold only electric vehicles, in 1900 electric cars outnumbered gas-powered cars nearly two to one and in 1908 Henry Ford buys wife, Clara, an electric vehicle.

Today electric powered UTVs (utility terrain vehicle) offer the user a unique off road experience. Unlike gas and diesel powered vehicles, there is no sound or smell. For the outdoorsman, hunter or anyone who appreciates the serenity the outdoors can offer, there is nothing like it.

The two most common questions about electric UTVs are about power and range. To the first point, the power generated by direct drive motors is outstanding. Think about a small hand held drill and the power the small motor has to turn the bit. Or the electric power of subways and airport trams – the torque will push you to the ground if you are not holding the rail. It is a smooth power and very efficient.



Range is a something to pay attention to. Battery technology does not allow for endless driving and there are limits. The HuntVe Game Changer for instance, can traverse pastures, hills and creeks for 25 miles before needing a recharge. (As a note, this range estimate is based upon all off road driving, moderate hills, a few creeks and temperatures above 40 degrees. Temperatures below freezing will affect the range moderately.) But even knowing this, there might be a bit of range anxiety for the less experience user that is not familiar with electric. Thus, the hybrid electric HuntVe Switchback. This allows for 15 miles of off road driving and another 80+ miles with gasoline generator assisted driving.

The format for our hybrid electric is simple. We have years of proven electric capability – just more range for some would be nice. So we imbed a specially engineered generator to feed the batteries electricity to drive and with the capability to rapid charge when not in motion. Thus, the ability to travel 80+ miles at a time.

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